We have a robust healthy eating policy in school. Breaktime snacks are healthy and children are involved in choosing menus for school lunches.

In kindergarten the children help to make bread, smoothies, muesli and other healthy snacks to share each day and are offered milk, oat milk or water to drink.

Two days a week we provide school lunch for all children from Reception upwards. This is largely vegetarian and always well balanced. On other days children bring a packed lunch. All dietary needs are catered for and parents made aware of any allergens contained in food or non-food items used in school. We ask that packed lunches are healthy and do not contain crisps, chocolate and sweet or savoury treats.

Every effort is made to source local, seasonal and organic vegetarian and vegan produce that in itself represents the finest flavours, textures, colours and health. We then process these ingredients to a minimum, to retain integrity and nutritional value.

“School dinners are delicious and yummy – best food ever”