We all know how special this time of year is for children. The weeks leading up to Christmas can be magical and filled with joy. This is no different in school this year. One parent emailed with words which I hope will resonate with everyone.
“Thank you for making so much effort for the last few weeks of term. Despite the doom and gloom outside, the school remains a hive of activity and fun. Our children are really very lucky to be in a special location doing special things.”

This year everyone has taken part at home and in school making some beautiful lanterns. When the Advent Festival comes together next week you will hopefully see that whilst everyone has the same base design which gives us unity and connectedness, there will be progression through from kindergarten to Elders.

Children have been busy making decorations for the Christmas Tree. This year they have chosen to link to the topic of the term “up, up and away”. We have stars, moons, angels and hot air balloons on our tree. This week the tree and a few children, were filmed for the Uckfield Festival of Trees. We will let you know how to access the link to the video as soon as we have it.