Sycamore Castle Build 🏰🔨 As part of our whole school ‘Long Long Ago” topic – Sycamores have been investigating Medieval Times and learning all about castles! To make this come to life, the children have decided to build their own castle in the Infant Garden.
Work has begun on our castle project. We started by dismantling the little pig’s house in Infant Garden and transporting the wood to the orchard. Afterward, we scoured Roy’s woodpile and uncovered numerous pieces from the old garage, which we plan to reuse for our castle construction. With Amy’s chop saw, the children were fascinated by how effortlessly it cut through the planks and removed the old nails, producing sparks. They participated in joining frame pieces using an electric drill. The next step involves the children hammering planks onto the frame to shape the walls and roof. The children have distinct visions for the castle’s features and appearance, and their enthusiasm is contagious! 🏰🔨